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Small Business Saturday: Number Fourteen Boutique

Impeccable taste, meticulous details and absolute passion. Those are the characteristics that will drive the success of Number Fourteen Boutique. The boutique, situated in central  Lawrenceville, was opened October 14th by Mitch and Brianne Conley. The mother-daughter duo combine their expertise in fashion, interior design and all things chic to deliver quality products at very reasonable prices. Brianne, a recent High Point University graduate, has stepped into the role of a co-owner of a business at just 22 years old. When asked what her advice would be for woman who want to pursue their dreams and be entrepreneurs as well, Brianne says, ” DO IT. Especially if it scares the hell out of you.” Number Fourteen has themes of this great empowerment throughout their store, and it is embedded in both Mitch and Brianne’s being. If you are from Pittsburgh, or ever in the area, make sure to check out this absolute gem and support small business. 

A happy customer wearing her recent purchase from No. 14

A happy customer wearing her recent purchase from No. 14

Number Fourteen Boutique

4601 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Phone: (412) 260 6088

Instagram: No.14_boutique

Snapchat: No_14Lville




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