6 Steps to Setting Goals that Last


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Setting Goals That Last

One of the hardest things to do is to sit down, turn off and self evaluate.  Each New Years, I try to do this myself, but I struggle with the word resolution. Simply put, a resolution is something you want to do to self-improve. My issue with that is, for the big resolutions you may have or want to achieve,  just setting them lacks a tangible plan to help you achieve them. That’s why I feel like making goals to self-improve is more important + useful.  I try to picture goals as short term steps that lead you to a certain dream, desire or change. I’ve found the below 6 simple steps effective to outline and achieve your own.

1. Reflect on the past year + your current state

In order to set strong goals, we first have to truly realize the ‘current state’ + visualize the past year. Be proud of your accomplishments, recognize what you’d change and what maybe didn’t go so well. To start this I like to think about making a ‘top 5’– five really great things that happened or that you achieved. True happiness comes from being happy with where you’re at but wanting to keep improving, so validate yourself with your successes and then start to think about what you want to achieve that you didn’t/couldn’t in 2014.

2. Brainstorm

There is a certain power in writing down + visualizing your thoughts. Get out a sheet of paper + markers [if you have them..] and just start writing! Anything you can think of that is something you’ve wanted to do, change, improve… write it down + don’t limit yourself. The more you have to work with the more you’ll be able to narrow in and notice some themes/trends. This is a good source to get you thinking.


3. Categorize

Look at what you wrote down and try to compartmentalize and group them into themes.  Feeling stuck? Usually mine can fit into some of these categorizes:

  • Career, Health, Interests/Skils, Finance, Family/Friends, Habits, Bucket-lists, Long term

4. Make them count

Now that you’ve decided on a few buckets your thoughts can fall into, try to pick one or two of your biggest thoughts for each theme and make them into a strong goal. For example, if you look at your thoughts and one of them is ‘look like a Victoria Secret model’ or ‘be Giuliana Rancic’ [solid examples right?], refine that thought into a goal. Maybe the first would fall under health and the goal would be to create a workout routine whereas the second may have to do with building a skill, and require some journalism courses. Write down your goals and check them for having these qualities: specific + realistic + measurable.

5. Surround yourself with positive support [and support others]

I’m a firm believer in being a fan of your friends! Talk to them about their goals and tell them about yours, too. If you verbalize this to each each other, you’ll be more inclined to help one another out and speak your dreams. Remember to surround yourself with positive people while also trying to be positive energy yourself. Think carefully about who you let close to you in your life + if they genuinely support your goals and ambitions. Not everyone in your life is going to be a fan [as Tswift says, haters gonna hate] so keep these types of people away from being able to effect the success of your goals.

6. Check yourself


Set check ins with yourself to see where you are at for goals that may require many steps. For example, a goal like ‘travel to Galápagos Islands’ may not require check points, where as one like ‘learn adobe suite by 2016’ does. I feel like spending time once every month or so is adequate  If you check in and realize you’re no where near where you want, assess why not and create an action plan to get yourself there. Clarify the bigger vision and think about what you want the most and how to get yourself there.  Happy Goal Setting!

I also really like some of these ideas in these 30-day challenges!


Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have amazing weekends!

xx Kara




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