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About Live In Agape

Welcome to Live in Agape! You may be wondering what ‘agape’ means. Agape is a Greek word which means love–but a kind of love that doesn’t have a direct translation. It’s the kind of love that is part of your every word, action and mindset. Agape is the action of being love.  I started this blog to share all the things that fill my life with love— particularly passions for style and trends, travel, food and fitness. I hope you enjoy my posts and subscribe to the newsletter for updates, giveaways and fabulous finds! 

a·ga·pe/ Agape: is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the types of love. #liveinagape


About Kara

Kara is a recent graduate from Penn State University who studied Marketing and Public Relations. She has passion for social media, communications and IMC. Kara has experience representing brands through blogging and hosting. She created Live in Agape in  2014 to share the things she loves and that inspire her. To collaborate with Kara  or to request a media kit, please contact Liveinagape@gmail.com.



Kara’s online public relations portfolio available here