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Cayman Islands Sea Breeze

Last month, my family & I were able to venture down to the Cayman Islands for some relaxing time in the sun. I was able to get SCUBA certified, work on my tan and finally find a cocktail I enjoy sipping on ( Sea breeze, yum) .  However, something I was perhaps more excited about was when I discovered this awesome bikini line, Luli Fama available at Nordstrom. The colors jumped out at me, were perfect with a tan and matched with my sun staples — a big floppy hat + white lace pants.  Check out the pictures and direct links below–this bikini is already 33% off! PS- check out the gold ruched bottom…so cute!


Bikini: Luli Fama 

Hat: Target

Pants: Target ( similar here + here)

Bikini Chain: Victoria Secret

Sunglasses: Ray bans


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