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First post: Baby it’s cold outside

Unfortunately for Punxsutawney Philwe are totally in a fight. Even though yesterday was the first day of Spring, it is still feeling very wintery here in Happy Valley! For my first post I wanted to share some pieces I think would build an amazing winter wardrobe.  Mosts are lusts for me, but have great structure and are the inspiration for many ‘must’ pieces out there. Keep checking back to for my latest posts or follow me on instagram to stay up to date! xx Kara 

Unfortunately for Punxsutawney Phil we are totally in a fight…he is being such a tease! Even though yesterday was the first day of spring, it was still feeling very wintery here in Happy Valley. For my first post I wanted to share some pieces I think would build an amazing winter wardrobe.  Mosts are lusts for me, but have great structure and are the inspiration for many ‘must’ pieces out there. Keep checking back to for my latest posts or follow me on instagram to stay up to date! xx Kara

Baby it's cold outside


Off shoulder sweater
$40 –

Burberry outerwear

Louis Vuitton black handbag
$1,615 –


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