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The 10 Best Deals of Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday Sales

Happy Cyber Monday! Below I have listed some of the very best deals and steals. Enjoy your Monday and early start to shopping for the Holiday season. 

1. Bauble Bar– 20 % off with code CYBER20; I love this necklace for Holiday parties and recently got this one for my birthday and wear it all the time! 

2. ASOS– 30% off with code ILOVEMONDAYS.

3. Jcrew Factory– 50% off everything with code YOUVEGOTSALE; My favorite sweater is here + can’t wait to buy these shoes!  Regular JCrew is 30% off everything and 40% off sale with code Monday.

4. Shopbop– take 15% off $250, 20% off $500 and 25% off of $1000 with code GOBIG14; this is such a great deal if there are any designer duds you have been wanting/saving up for.

5. Forever 21- 30% off everything when you spend $120 with CYBER30 and 20% off when you spend $60;  I am buying this jacket today and also think this bag looks super chic.

6.– 30% off everything with code CYBER30; I think this purse is really cute, especially for post-winter spring time looks.

7. BCBG- 30% off of $250, 35% off of $350, and 40% off of $450; love all of their leather detailed leggings, and the quality (plus 50% off price) of these boots is great

8. LOFT- 50% off everything; just bought a lot from here on Black Friday for work…my fav pieces being the softest faux fur scarf ( they have so many colors) and this dress for work and play

9. Theory- 40% off everything…anyone need a nice new suite?

10. Madewell- Take 30% off of everything; their jeans are one of my favorite fits and made in America. 

   Ps- Anyone on Rue La La? Today they have Ray-Bans, which I think would make a great gift for anyone! 

xx Kara



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